As part of FincoEnergies (better world), GoodZero is the end-to-end carbon reduction solution that accelerates the decarbonization efforts of organizations through high-quality, verified carbon credits.
The icon not only shows the chemical connection of CO2,
It visualises who we are, how we think & how we work on solutions.
The identity mixes the elegancy of tech
with the tone of impact.
GoodZero is 'The Catalyst' of the family of FincoEnergies.
All members have their own role to play, but as a family they share the same belief and the same visual DNA.

"Our sister companies bring sustainable biofuels and solutions to decarbonise the supply chain of partners worldwide.

FincoEnergies believes we can build a better world, together. GoodZero is the missing piece of the puzzle to help our partners reach their Net Zero targets."
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