Saskia de Brauw celebrates Monsieur Louis Vuitton's 200th birthday.

The glow of the moon and its possibilities to dream of otherworldly places has inspired people to do impossible things and to create imaginary journeys for the mind to travel.​​​​​​​
Two hundred visionaries who participated in this huge birthday celebration created a new piece shown worldwide at Louis Vuitton’s shop windows, and were auctioned. Louis Vuitton’s legacy of travel, innovation, creativity and the very first trunk he made were the starting point for something new. #louis200
In this piece, Saskia takes you on a small journey on the streets of New York City where She finds trash transformed into the moon, planets and stardust. These observations are brought together in a portfolio of 16 black and white prints printed by Luc Brefeld @monochromeprintstudio with a screen printed cover by @bushwickprintlab
Changing what is quotidian and normal ever so slightly so that it becomes something else. This imaginary journey is an ode to her daughter ‘Luna’ who always reminds her to look differently at the world and to keep on traveling.
My daughter reminds me: “I resemble the moon, that is why my name is Luna”. When she was very young still and whenever she was not with me, I found moons and constellations of planets on the surface of the street. Looking at our surrounding in such a way shows possibilities for lightness taking you on a momentary inner journey. Changing what is quotidian and normal ever so slightly so that it becomes something else.
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